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Karate is actually a combination of two words: Kara (empty) and Te (hand). The definition of karate is self defense fighting with no weapons.

As a student progresses in classes for karate, students master certain skills in order to earn each of these belts. Each of these colors is said to have special meaning.


White Belt – The white belt symbolizes a birth or beginning of a person’s will to acquire the skills of karate, and it is worn by those who are just beginning their study. 

Yellow Belt – Yellow signifies the first beams of sunlight that give a seedling new growth and new life. As such, the yellow belt is worn by a beginner who has learned to practice the basic moves of karate.

Orange Belt – Orange represents the growing strength of the sun, so the orange belt is given to a beginner once he or she has begun to perfect the self-defence moves up until this point.

Green Belt – Green is a representation of growth, so it is given to intermediate students who are learning to strengthen and refine their skills.

Blue Belt – Blue represents the sky and the light it provides all growing things, so the blue belt is given to students at the stage of their studies when they begin to learn additional knowledge of the martial art that allows their minds and bodies to continue to grow and develop.

Brown Belt – Brown is a representation of the ripening of a seed during the maturing and harvesting process, so a brown belt is awarded to advanced students who are beginning to realize the fruits of their beginner studies and whose techniques have begun to mature.

Black Belt – Black symbolizes the darkness beyond the sun, and a person who has been awarded a black belt seeks to gain a deeper and further understanding of the physical and mental teachings of karate. Many people who are awarded a black belt begin passing on their knowledge to help others advance in their own belt rank.


Karate provides a wide range of physical, mental and social benefits and teaches healthy living habits. Some of the benefits include:

  • Increases self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Improves focus, concentration and attention span
  • Teaches respect, self worth and humility
  • Increases co-ordination and motor skills
  • Teaches self-defence, self discipline and awareness
  • Improves balance, agility, physical fitness
  • Teaches teamwork and positive social interaction
  • Karate Gives you a “complete” body workout and helps you lead a healthy lifestyle