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Gauthier’s History

History of Gauthier’s Martial Arts & Self Defence

Master Gill Gauthier is one of Ontario’s pioneers in karate-do.

He began to study of the art in Toronto in 1967 under the tutelage of Sensei Quoi Wong. After five years, he attained his Shodan rank. Deciding to open his own dojo, he moved to Orillia Ontario in 1972. He rented a portion of the old YMCA to begin his Karate classes. At this time, in honor of his sensei, the dojo was named Wong’s Karate.

Continuing to study under Sensei Wong for another 10 years, in 1982 Master Gauthier moved into his own location and the dojo name was changed to “Gauthier’s Martial Arts and Self Defense- Ltd.”

The traditional art of Shorin-Ryu was then complemented by the introduction of Kubodu, Arnis and Kickboxing. Kyoshi Gauthier received continued instruction from Master Jun DeLeon, a well known Arnis Master and Sensei Peter Phillips to complete his education of Shorin-Ryu kata and Kubudo.

Eventually, seeing the need within the community, a children’s street proofing and Random Acts of Kindness program were added to the general children’s classes.

Master Gauthier is now entering his 52nd year of teaching in the Martial arts. Over these years he has graded over 100 blackbelts.

After being nominated by all his students, Master Gauthier was inducted into the World Martial Art’s Hall of Fame on August 7th, 2006 in London, Ontario. After receiving another nomination by Master J.T. Moccabee of Illinois, he was then inducted into the World Karate Union Hall of Fame on June 23, 2007 in Pennsylvania as the Shorin-Ryu Instructor of the Year. On May 9th, 2010 Gauthier was promoted to the rank of Kyoshi which is a 7th degree black belt.

Master Gauthier has trained the O.P.P. in use of force and was instrumental in organizing karate participation in the Canus Games. He is also known for his active community involvement, demonstrations and seminars. He is presently a board member of the Global Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

Master Gauthier has been employed by Casino Rama for the past 19 years working as a Security Supervisor and Non-Violent Crisis Intervention Instructor.