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What is Karate?

Karate-do is a unique art based on rigid disciplines, repetition and self motivation. Instructors combine the physical teachings of kata important lessons in philosophy, history and mental training, courtesy, respect and spiritual enlightment.

Children and Karate

Karate teaches children the physical aspects of self defence and it dramatically increases a their self-confidence, attention span, personal focus, co-ordination, patience, agility, balance and reflexes. Our children’s programs also incorporate “street proofing” skills and “bullying” awareness.

Self Defence, Kick Boxing & Kubudo

Gauthier’s Martial Arts is much more than just Karate-do. We also offer lessons in Self Defence,┬áKick Boxing, Meditation, Kubudo (Weaponry) and┬áKali Arnis (Arnis Stick Fighting). Contact us today to discover the right class for you.

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